About US

WhatsappStatus.Asia is one of our most beautiful projects we have ever carried out. WhatsappStatus.Asia is born with the aim of supporting the huge community, which grows by millions every day.

There are millions of web portal users who need guidance on various topics related to using WhatsApp Status Asia. There are hundreds of doubts and issues that companies that WhatsApp Status Asia that are not resolved by the experts. Many times their guides are more complex and are not intended in the middle level user who is the majority of the internet. We are born with the aim of making the democratization of technology a reality. We start with a simple communication app, but it is our way of adding a grain of sand in the immensity that today is the internet.

The name doesn’t have much explanation, WhatsappStatus.Asia, because it’s the way people call these New Huawei Operative Systems: Harmony OS. In addition, in the vast majority of countries of our immense and beloved the US, we prefer to say WhatsApp Status Asia  than the original version. We areWhatsappStatus.Asia, because we want to help you become a pro in the use of WhatsApp Status Asia , have no problems and you can be able to help your friends, that is, become a master in WhatsappStatus.Asia.