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Teri Yaad Whatsapp Status

Teri Yaad Whatsapp Status  :

Long storage memory holds the information we have consciously or sub-consciously made an effort to remember. The reason we do that is the information has a value to us. This information pertains to friends or family or something equally important.Teri Yaad Whatsapp Status

मेरी जिंदगी की पहली किताब हो तुम, जो बिना रटे मुझे अब तक याद है..

Meri zindagi ki pahli kitab ho tum, jo bina rate mujhe ab tak yaad hai..

आज मुस्कुराने की हिम्मत नहीं मुझ में,
आज टूट कर मुझे तेरी याद आ रही है..

Aaj muskurane ki himmat nahi mujh mai,

aaj tut kar mujhe teri yaad aa rahi hai..

Teri Yaad Whatsapp Status

Teri Yaad Whatsapp Status
हो रहा है, जुदा दोनो का रास्ता,
दूर जाके भी मुझसे तुम मेरी यादो मे रहना, कभी अलविदा ना कहना…
Ho raha hai, juda dono ka rasta,
dur jake bhi mujhse tum meri yaado mai rahna, kabhi alvida na kahna..

It could also be of material you need to study for a test or it could be job related.

There are also emotional memories that we may want to hold on to, an example is the day you lost someone close to you.

There are also memories in the long storage area that you must make a conscious effort to recall and this could cover some specific experience that you had at one time.

Semantic memories are also long storage and could be anything from the name of your dogs to the color of your wife’s eyes.

Procedural memory is long storage memory that requires no conscious effort to recall and these will pertain to the skills and routines you have developed so often the memory just comes naturally.

Please be mindful of the brain’s continuous effort to help improve your memory.

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