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Missing Relations Facebook Status

Missing Relations Facebook Status :

Why do teenagers think they know more than their dad does? I knew it was time to leave the comfortable home nest, when my dad and I started to butt heads. It was a typical father/know-it-all teenager relationship and we needed to separate in order to save the relationship. My “go west young man” calling and a six-day long train ride across the country resulted in a 5,000-kilometer separation. My mom longed for me with open tears, while my dad quietly missed his youngest son. It was an awakening of appreciation and gratitude for me. I did not realize how good I had it at home, until I had to start doing my own laundry and restocking the refrigerator. My dad was secretly proud of me for not returning home after six months with my hat in hand. Through a series of caring phone calls and intimate letters, our father/son relationship healed over time.Missing Relations Facebook Status

Missing Relations Facebook Status:

तड़प के देख़ किसी की चाहत में,
तो पता चले की इंतज़ार क्या होता है..

Tadap ke dekh kisi ki chahat mai,
to pata chale ki intezaar kya hota hai..

Missing Relations Facebook Status

Missing Relations Facebook Status Missing Relations Facebook Status
तू तो मेरी जान है,  फ़िर क्यूँ तेरी ही याद ‪ मेरी‬ जान‬ ले रही‬ है..
Tu to meri jaan hai, phir kyun teri hi yaad meri jaan le rahi hai..
कितने अनमोल होते है, ये यादों के रिश्ते भी,
कोई याद ना भी करे, चाहत फिर भी रहती है..
Kitne anmol hote hai, ye yaado ke rishte bhi,
koi yaad na bhi kare, chahat phir bhi rahti hai..

Superheroes are not supposed to die. He had complained about a sore back for over a year. His stubbornness to seek help was a weakness in his strong character. I was in my third year of university when the shocking news came. My mom was sobbing uncontrollably as she tried to relay the doctor’s diagnosis. The late discovery of cancer became terminal and it would only grant him another three to six months to live. It did not seem fair that my superhero was fighting a losing battle.

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