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Meri Jaan Facebook Status

Meri Jaan Facebook Status :

Facebook had become the world’s largest social network. They could not help but notice Twitter’s rise in terms of global branding, and they needed to adapt. This happened with a clear move by the developers to strike at the core market of Twitter. Facebook redesigned their ‘home feed’ page – the page that users see when they log in – and included a huge amount of prominence to status updates. Also, they had removed the need for users to use their own name in their updates, and thus removed the ‘third person’ restriction.Meri Jaan Facebook Status

Meri Jaan Facebook Status:

हम तो बेज़ान चीज़ों से भी वफ़ा करते हैं, तुझमे तो फिर भी मेरी जान बसी है..
Hum to bejana chijo se bhi wafa karte hai, tujme to phir bhi meri jaan basi hai..

Meri Jaan Facebook Status
Meri Jaan Facebook Status

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कितने अजीब होते है ये मोहब्बत के रिवाज लोग आपसे “तुम”, तुम से “जान” और जान से “अंजान” बन जाते है..
Kitne ajib hote hai ye mohabbat ke rivaj log aapse tum, tum se jaan aur jaan se anjaan ban jate hai.
ना जाने क्यों वो फिर भी इतना प्यार करती है आज भी मुझसे, ‘मैंने तो कभी माँ को गुलाब का फूल नहीं दिया..
Na jane vo phir bhi itna pyaar karti hai aaj bhi mujhse, maine to kabhi ma ko gulaab ka phool nahi diya..

The results were staggering. Facebook’s page views experienced an increase such that Twitter had experienced just months before. Users were becoming interested in what people were doing ‘real time’ – users noticed that Facebook had also put more of an emphasis on posting its users’ statuses as fast as possible into their friends’ home feeds, meaning a comment which they made could be discussed almost instantly, a la Twitter.

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