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love status for whatsapp

love status for whatsapp:

Don’t trust too much. Don’t love too much. Don’t hope too much, because that too much can hurt you so much.

The essence of true love is “Trust”. One may garner lots of money; he may have acquired, fame, status, power, and dignity. But his life will be meaningless unless he realizes the true soul of trust and love. His wealth will be left lying there when he dies. And he will miss the heart of love, spirituality, meditation, and trust despite having almost all the material aspects of life. Such a person will not attain the “ultimate wealth” of human virtues. Only the one who has the eye of trust within them attains the ultimate assets of human life, which cannot be brought by money, dollars, credit cards, or other materialistic stuffs.

love status


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love status


Trust on love status for whatsapp

Love and trust are inter-mingled. The true essence of love is experienced only one has trust and faith with each other. With faith, love, and trust; inspiration emulates, which often creates the pathway of enormous results. True love and trust often ruptures tough barriers, and blockade.


love status

Trust is the culmination of love. Trust is the faith that what has not already happened so far will happen. At times, it negates the logical aspects of life and seems to believe the impossible things, which remains unveil by our naked eye. In that sense, one may well say that trust is the architect of invisible, impossible, imperceptible, and seems to epitomize the concealed realities of life. Trust also arises from what has already happened: there is such beauty in this universe, there is such light, such music, such serenity, such chirping of birds, such beautifications all around!!!!! There is beauty in each leaf, there is so much fragrance in the flowers, there is no much light in each star, there is so full of magnificence in the sun; that often we consider that there must be some source of hidden energy behind it.



love status

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Trust means trusting that there must be some energy creating all this color. Trust means believing the impossible. Many times, we have seen that what was nearly impossible by rational or pragmatic means have been made. How such impossible things were made to be possible? It has been possible with the help of trust, love, and will power. It is the trust that makes even the impossible possible. Trust drives love and generates the will power to make it happen. And when these things combine together, many impossible things often get possible.

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