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Friendship Whatsapp Quotes

Friendship Whatsapp Quotes :

A Friend Is Somebody You Want To Be Around When You Feel Like Being By Yourself.

Looking for the best whatsapp status to make someone smile, feel loved and express your thoughts and feelings? You have landed at the right place, here you can find just the best Whatsapp Status quotes that will be the best way for you to express and share your thoughts and feelings to others. It is understandable how it can be hard to find the right quote for your Status for WhatsApp which is why numerous Friendship Whatsapp Quotes on different themes have been compiled here. This way, it will be easier for you to find the perfect quote to describe exactly your thoughts and feelings just in the most perfect way as well. This page is updated regularly so stay tuned for new status. Download Status in your App.

  • For All The Times I Never Said The Things I Should Have, I Thank You For All The Times You Understood.

Friendship Whatsapp Quotes

  • I’m Learning That Things Change, People Change, And It Doesn’t Mean That You Forget The Past Or Try To Cover It Up. It Simply Means That You Move On And Treasure The Memories.
  • Even If We Never Talk Again After Tonight, Please Know That I Am Forever Changed Because Of Who You Are And What You’ve Meant To Me.
  • A Girl And A Guy Can Be Just Friends, But At One Point Or Another They Will Fall For Each Other… Maybe Temporarily, maybe At The Wrong Time, Maybe Too Late, Or Maybe Forever.
  • Friends Are Gods Way Of Apologizing To Us For Our Families.
  • A Friend Is Someone Who Smiles When You Smile, Laughs When You Laugh, But Holds Your Hand When You Cry.
  • When It Seems Like There’s No One Left To Run To In This Empty World You Can Come To Me I’ll Be Your Shooting Star. You Can Tell Me Your Dreams I Can’t Promise To Make Them Come True, But I’ll Be There To Pick Up The Pieces Of Your Broken Heart If Your Dreams Happen To Fall Through.
  • Sometimes, Someone Says Something Really Small And It Just Fits Right Into This Empty Place In Your Heart.
  • Each Of Us Represents A Star In Heaven. Sometimes We Shine With The Rest, Sometimes We Twinkle Alone And Sometimes, When We Least Expect It, We Make Someone Else’s Dreams Come True.
  • I Will Not Drag You Along. I Will Not Leave You Alone… I Will Stand By You And Have My Hand There For You To Hold When You Need To.
  • Some People Make The World Special Just Be Being In It.


Friendship Whatsapp Quotes:

  • A Friend Is Someone That Knows Everything About You And Loves You Anyway.
  • Friends Are Like The Stars On Cloudy Nights, You Can’t Always See Them But They’re Always There.
  • I Always Knew Looking Back At The Tears Would Make Me Laugh, But I Never Thought That Looking Back At The Laughs Would Make Me Cry.
  • Keep The Pictures They Never Change Only The People In Them Do.
  • We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments.
  • Your Friends Can Always Tell When You’re With Mr. Wrong And Will Still Love You When You Don’t Listen Until It’s Too Late.
  • A Friend Is One Who Can See The Truth And Pain In You When You’re Fooling Everyone Else.
  • All You Girls Think You’re Tough… Well All Your Shit Ain’t That Rough. You Think You Know The Deal… But It’s Me And My Girls Who Keep It Real.
  • True Friends Are The Ones Who Are There To Help You Get Revenge On The Guy Who Just Broke Your Heart.
  • My Friends… I Would Lie For, Cry For, Take A Bullet And Straight Up Die For.
  • Someday We Will Look Back On This, Laugh Nervously, And Change The Subject.
  • Mess With My Friends, You Mess With Me. Hurt Them And Then You’ll See. I’ll Make You’re Life Hell Because I’d Give My Life For Them, And Take Yours As Well.
  • Friends Share All Things.
FRIENDSHIP Whatsapp Quotes
FRIENDSHIP Whatsapp Quotes
  • Keep Your Friends Close But Keep Your Enemies Closer.
  • Friends Don’t Owe Each Other Anything.
  • My Friend Is One… Who Takes Me For What I Am.
  • Never Explain: Your Friends Don’t Require It, And Your Enemies Won’t Believe You Anyway.
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Dress Like Hoochies.
  • People Think It Is A Problem When They Start To Love Their Best Friend, But Your Lover Should Be Your Best Friend.
  • I Feel Like I Am Sitting In A Room Full Of People That I Love, And You Know What, They Just Don’t Care That I Love Them. They Don’t Care Whether Or Not I Live Or Die. To Them I’m Just Another Girl, Just Another Stranger. To Me, They Are My Best Friends, The Only People I Have Left.
  • “Trouble Makers” Always Make The Most Loyal Friends. They Have Nothing To Hold On To But Their Friends.
  • So Many Laughs Through The Years, And A Few Stories I Hope No One Hears, I’ll Always Be By Your Side, Best Friends Forever Till The Day We Die.
  • Good Friends Get Mad If You Wake Them Up When You Call, A Best Friend Asks What Took You So Long To Call.
  • The People Who Really Care Won’t Hurt You, But If They Do, You’ll See It In Their Eyes, For They’ll Be Hurting Too.
  • You Talk It, We Live It, You Start It, We End It. Your Fuckin’ Right We Did It.
  • The People You Care About, You Never Really Say Goodbye Too.
  • When All Has Been Said And Done, It’s Been Real, And It’s Been Fun.
  • A Friend Is Someone Who Knows The Song In Your Heart And Can Sing It Back To You When You Have Forgotten The Words.
  • I Live For The Nights I Can’t Remember With The People I’ll Never Forget.
  • You Know Someone’s Your Friend When You Have A Big Smile On Your Face And They Still Know Something’s Wrong.
  • Man, You’ve Got Some Fucked Up Friends, I’m Telling Ya.—Scarface
  • It’s A Curious Thought, But It’s Only When You See People Looking Ridiculous That You Realize Just How Much You Love Them.
  • If Two Past Lovers Remain Friends They Either Are Still In Love Or Never Were.
  • The Best Kind Of Friend Is The Kind You Can Sit On A Porch With, Never Say A Word, And Walk Away Feeling Like It Was The Best Conversation You Have Ever Had.
  • True Friends Are The People Who Are There For You Unconditionally. They Are The People Who Never Question You And Support You No Matter What The Circumstances Are. They Are The People Worth Living For.
  • I Believe In Angels… The Kind That Heaven Sends, I Am With Them Everyday, I Call Them My Best Friends.
  • Because Of You… I Laugh A Little Harder, Cry A Little Less, And Smile A Little More.
  • When The Angels Ask What I Loved Most About Life, I’ll Say You.
  • Love Is Not Who You Can See Yourself With. It Is Who You Can’t See Yourself Without.
  • Forever: Now And Until The End, You Are, And Always Will Be, My Best Friend. You’re There Through The Tears, The Pain, And Joys, The Good, The Bad, And Everything In-Between.
  • A Good Friend Would Bail You Out Of Jail, But Your Best Friend Would Be The One Sitting Next To You Saying “Damn That Was Awesome”.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S = (F)Ight For You. (R)Espect You. (I)Nvolve You. (E)Ncourage You. (N)Eed You. (D)Eserve You. (S)Ave You.
  • Friendship Is Like A Rainbow, It Has Different Colors, But Is Still Beautiful.
  • Friendship Isn’t About Who Came First & Who You’ve Known The Longest. It’s About Who Came And NEVER Left!

Friendship Whatsapp Quotes:


  • Eyes: 2 Look At U. Hands: 2 Pray For U. Mind: 2 Care For U. Heart: 2 Love U. Legs: 2 Kick U If U Forget Me!
  • Everyone Hears What You Say. Friends Listen To What You Say. Best Friends Listen To What You Don’t Say.
  • If All My Friends Were To Jump Off A Bridge I Wouldn’t Jump With Them I’d Be At The Bottom To Catch Them.
  • When Times Get Rough You’ll Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are.
  • It’s Always Good To Make Friends But While Your At It Be Sure To Keep The Old Ones… Their The Ones Who Will Always Be There For You.
  • Boyfriends Are Not Always Going To Be There For You… Your Friends Will Be.
  • It’s The Friends You Can Call At 4 A.M. That Matter.
  • How Do You Know You’ve Found Your Best Friend? When You Are Ready To Talk To Them About Anything, Even Though They Know Everything About You Already.
  • Happiest Friends Never Have The Same Characters. They Just Have The Best Understanding Of Their Differences
  • It’s Good To Have Friends Who Helps You When You’re Down. Those Are The Good Friends.
  • When I Was Walking Alone I Wished The Road Would End Soon But When My Friends Came Along, I Wished The Road Would Never End. 🙂
  • Everybody Is Not My Friend, But My Friends Are Not Like Everybody.
  • Life Is Hell Without Friends. Hell Is Heaven With Friends.
  • My Friends Can Sense My Sadness Even When I’m Smiling.

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  • Happiest Friends Never Have The Same Characters. They Just have The Best Understanding Of Their Differences.
  • You Know Those People Who Don’t Run Away When You’re Down? Those Are The People Who Really Care, Those Are Your Real Friends.
  • True Friends Are Like Bows And We’re Like The Arrows. We Can’t Go Ahead Without Them.
  • A Friend Is One Of The Nicest Things You Can Have, And One Of The Best Things You Can Be
  • A Real Friend Will Help You To Get Up, While The Others Didn’t Even Notice That You Fell.
  • True Friends Are Hard To Find; You Can Have Million Of Friends, But You Can Count On Your Fingers Who Has Been True To You All The Time
  • The Ones That Stay With Us Through Everything, And Take Up For Us Even When We’re Wrong, They’re Our True Friends
  • Its Really Amazing When Strangers Become Friends, But Its Really Sad When Friends Become Strangers 🙁
  • Don’t Count The Number Of Friends You Have, But The Number Of Friends You Can Count On.
  • Its Not About The Number Of Friends You Make In This Lifetime,Its About Those That Remain Till The End Truly With You 🙂
  • Friends Are Like Water, They Come And Go. But True Friends Are Like Solid Ground, They Stay Still.
  • In The End We Always Return To The People That Where There From The Start.
  • I’ve Been Hurt I’ve Been Hurt So Bad But For Some Reason When I Am With My Friends All That Seems To Go Away.
  • You Can Discover More About A Person In A Hour Of Play Then In A Year Of Conversation.
  • Oh I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends. Mmm, I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends.
  • Maybe Some People Just Aren’t Meant To Stay In Our Lives Forever, Maybe Some People Are Just Passing Through. It’s Like Some People Just Come Through Our Lives To Bring Us Something, A Lesson We Need To Learn, And That’s Why They Are There.
  • True Friendship Starts The Moment One Person Says To Another “What? You Too? I Thought I Was The Only One!”
  • The Things We Hide, The Tears We’ve Cried – Through Odds And Ends We’ve Been Best Friends – Even Though Time Will Pass – Our Memories Will Always Last.
  • A Good Friend Asks What You’re Thinking. A Best Friend Is Already Telling You It’s A Bad Idea.
  • You Are Terrified Of Being Alone… And All The While Your Best Friend Is Knocking Outside.
  • Here’s To The Nights We Felt Alive… Here’s To The Tears We Knew We’d Cry Here’s To The Goodbyes… Tomorrows Gonna Come To Soon.
  • Your Real Friends Aren’t The Ones You Spend The Most Time With, But The Ones You Share The Most Memories With.
  • I Don’t Remember How We All Met, Who Liked Whom First, Or Why We All Get Along. All I Can Remember Is All Of Us Together Always.
  • Friends Inspire You To Become Your Best And Still Love You When You’re At Your Worst.
  • Friendship Mean Taking The Time Out To Help… When You Have Fifty Thousand Things To Do.
  • It Hurts To Realize That Them People You Thought You’d Love For Life Don’t Love You As Much As You Thought They Did And Can Do Without You As If They Never Knew You At All.
  • Friends Pick Us Up When We Fall Down, And If They Cannot Pick Us Up, They Lie Down And Listen For A While.
  • 100 Memories, 200 Jokes, 300 Great Times, 400 Secrets, 1 Reason: Best Friends!
  • Don’t Stay Cool Because You Never Were, Don’t Stay Sweet Because You’ll Always Be A Bitch, And Don’t Change Because It Takes Too Long To Find A New Friend.
  • I Can’t Help But Sit Here And Think About All The Stupid Stuff We Have Done Together. I Wouldn’t Want To Be Stupid With Anyone Else.\


  • You’ll Always Be My Best Friend, You Know Too Much!
  • Special Times, Special Places, Special Friends Together. The Moments Pass So Quickly But The Memories Last Forever.
  • There Will Always Be People You Can’t Believe You Were Friends With, Boys You Can’t Believe You Kissed, And People You Can’t Believe You Lived Without… People Change But If You’re Lucky A Certain Few Will Change You.
  • Ever Notice That The People Who Hurt You The Most Are The Ones You Tend To Love More.
  • All That Stupid Fun, All The Shit We’ve Done. Where’d The Good Times Go?
  • Being A Friend Means Mastering The Art Of Timing. There Is A Time For Silence. A Time To Let Go And Allow People To Hurl Themselves Into Their Own Destiny, And A Time To Pick Up The Pieces When It’s All Over.
  • Friends Find The Beautiful Things In Us An One Else Looks Hard Enough To Find.
  • You’ve Taught Me That Love Can Suck. That Feelings Can Change, Passion Will Fade, Partners Will Come And Go, But Through It All, One Thing Remands Sacred: Friendship.
  • Friends Give You The Worst News With The Best Of Intentions.
  • Everybody Will Be Your Friend When You’re Doing The Right Things. Your True Best Friends Will Stick With You Support You Even When You’re Doing The Wrong Things.
  • Sometimes Friends Go Through Hell, The Best Thing You Can Do Is Take A Seat And Go Through It With Them.
  • I Remember Times I Had. Some Were Happy, Some Were Sad. Memories, Me And My Partners In Crime. Throwing Up A Thousand Times.
  • I No Doubt Deserved My Enemies, But I Don’t Believe I Deserved My Friends.
  • A Friend Can Tell You Things You Don’t Want To Tell Yourself.
  • Some People Say ‘Never Kiss A Friend Because That Friend Will Forever Be Lost’ But What If The Only Person You Are Looking For Is That Friend You’ve Never Kissed.
  • Your Friends Say They Like Your Personality, Others Say Your Character, A Lot Say They Like Your Style, But Me? I Like You Just The Way You Are, No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts, Just Simply You.
  • The Relationship Between Best Friends In An Understanding. You Don’t Always Have To Be Together, You Just Know You Always Can Be Together.
  • Good Friends Get Drunk With You. Best Friends Hold Your Hair Back When You’ve Had A Bit Too Much To Drink.
  • I Have No Trouble With My Enemies. I Can Take Care Of My Enemies In A Fight. But My Friends, My Goddamned Friends, They’re The Ones Who Keep Me Walking The Floor At Night!
  • The Moments May Have Ended But The Memories Last Forever.

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