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Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status

Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status :

You must ask yourself this question before you think of trying to reconcile after divorce. If you blame yourself or your partner for the break up, you must allow yourself more time to come to terms with your current relationship status. You should not be in a hurry to reconcile because you have separated for a reason. If the reason is still there, you will simply repeat your mistake by trying to get your ex back. Let your partner also feel the trauma of separation. If you believe that you have learned to cope up with the breakup; you can thing of getting your ex back.Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status


यूँ तो मुझे किसी के भी छोड़ जाने का गम नहीं बस, कोई ऐसा था जिससे ये उम्मीद नहीं थी..
Yun to mujhe kisi ke bhi chod jane ka gham nahi bus, koi aisa tha jisase ye ummid nahi thi..

Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status

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बना दो वज़ीर मुझे भी इश्क़ की दुनिया का दोसतों, वादा है मेरा हर बेवफा को सजा ऐ मौत दूंगा..
Bana do wazir mujhe bhi ishq ki duniya ka dosto. waada hai mera har bewafaa ko saza ae maut dugna..

Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status

Emotional Breakup Whatsapp Status
नाराज़ क्यों होते हो चले जाएंगे तुम्हारी महफ़िल से, लेकिन पहले मुझे मेरे दिल के टुकड़े तो उठा लेने दो..
Naraaz kyo hote ho, chale jayenge tumhari mahfil se, lekin pahle mujhe mere dil ke tukade to utha lene do..

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There are thousands of articles and methods to Get your ex-back [http://views4all.info/things-that-help-you-reconcile-after-divorce/] and how to cope up with break up. As I mentioned above you must give your broken relationship a second chance, you must not take it casually. Give it a serious try and follow the advice of those who have helped save thousands of breakups.

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