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Cool whatsapp images:

Whatsapp dp is most popular and trending around the world. Cool whatsapp images is nothing but Whatsapp Display Pic. Earlier people where changing their Whatsapp profile pictures with awesome wallpapers. Same like that whatsapp profile picture also taken its place. Here are some of the cool Whatsapp Dp for you to share with your friends and family and express in a deeper way. DP’s Like C
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When I was living in Denmark, I was still in my 3+ year relationship with my boyfriend at the time. Long story short, the day before I moved home I was so excited knowing I would see him soon. What I didn’t expect was that he would end the relationship just hours before my flight.
Here are some of my tips on traveling with a broken heart.

1. Call someone who will snap you out of it. I had my friend there holding me while I cried, but when I called my mom, she was very no-nonsense and just put things in a list to focus on for the upcoming day. She then sent me messages on whatsapp throughout the rest of my journey telling me how excited she was for me to come home, and how nice it would be for me to be home. We aren’t typically that vocal in our family, so it was a nice gesture. She was also keeping my head straight to thinking about how to get from point A-B-C etc.

2. Have a bathroom near by! I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but when I’m devastated my nerves go into what feels like a shock, yet feel hectic at the same time. Plus I’m prone to anxiety attacks. This makes me very sick to my stomach and I was running to the bathroom all night! When you add this on top of the stress and anxiety of traveling, especially in airports and airlines you aren’t previously acquainted with, it can feel like every cell of you is under attack!

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